Our Supporters

Thank you to our generous donors and community partners.

Governor’s Council

The Governor’s Council recognizes donors who support Ann Richards’ legacy by making possible enhancement programs that our students would not otherwise have. Members enjoy special recognition and invitations to events throughout the year.

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Pathway Partnerships

We appreciate the business community’s support of STEM curriculum and enhancement programs at the Ann Richards School.

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Private and Family Foundations

We are grateful for the support of family foundations that are dedicated to advancing education for young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and engaging students in STEM curriculum.

Private and Family Foundations

Young Women’s Preparatory Network

The Ann Richards School was created in 2007 with seed funding from the Young Women’s Preparatory Network and is supported by a unique public-private partnership between Austin ISD and the Ann Richards School Foundation.

Young Women’s Preparatory Network

Thank You to Our Donors

School Year 2018-19

Accenture Employee Givng
Patricia Adams
Mary Adamson
Glenda Adkinson
Jennifer and Daniel Ahearn
Theresa and Raul Alvarez
Kay Andrews
Lynne Anderson
Sarah Arvey
Joe Armstrong
Ascension Seton
Austin Asset
Bank of America Employee Giving Program
Stephanie Barko
Mary Baughman
Janet Bawcom
BB Imaging
Becky Beaver and John Duncan
Judith Behnke
Katie Bell-Moore and Graham Moore
Greg Bennett
Ann Benolken
Darrell Borne
Emma Borne
Alastair Borthwick
Linda Boxberger
Nedra Bray
Scott Breach
Kathrin and James Brewer
Kim Britt
John Bromberg
Liz Bronson
Anthony Brown
George and Edith Brown
Bart Broz
Karen and Brian Burgess
Leslie Bush
Marsha Byers
Geoffrey and Stephanie Camp
Cynthia Carlisle
Cayetano Development
Nancy and Randall Charbeneau
Gina Chavez
Sally Clark-Raphael
Lorraine Clasquin and Eric Harslem
KC Kitchen Coats
Katherine and Steven Cobb
Gary Cohen
Jack and Nancy Collins
Richard and Martha Coons
Jody Conradt
Connie Copley
Leslie Cox
Susan and Bill Crews
Monica Crowley
Genevieve Crozier
Beverly Dale
Jacqueline Dang
Gayle and Mike DeGeurin
Debra DeJesus
Dell Diversity Committee
Laura Denniston
Hazel Despain
Alicia Dixon
Amber Duke
Mai Duong
Cynthia and Bob Edmonson
Christina and Greg Edwards
Jim Edwards
Bob and Gretchen Ellis
Karen Engle
Andy and Karen Esparza
Judd Farris
Sandy Flynn
Gregory D. and Jolinda F. Foley
Pat and Kaye Forgione
Thomas and Michelle Fox
Nancy Froehlich
Will Gallagher
Caitie Gantt
Melissa Garcia
Myles Gardner
Pam Giannotti
Anne Giles
Hubert Gill
Jane Gilliam
Give InLeiu Foundation
Letitia Gomez
Google, Inc.
Mary Graf
Lisa and Dan Graham
Michelle Graham and Drex Earle
Natalie and James Gray
David and Martha Gruning
Leonard Guerrero
Mike and Dorothy Guerrero
Michele Guzman
Stacey Hadash and Terry McDonell
Brigid Hael
Stephen and Phyllis Halpin
Lynda Harbove
James Harris
Jacquelyn and Albert Hawkins
HEB Community Investment
Keith Hegner
Julie Helton and Nathan Helton
Mary and Tim Herman
Melissa Hernandez
Amy and Zane Hunt
Ingram Foundation
Kathryn Ivy
Ann Jerome
JetBlue Foundation
Kisla Jimenez and Jonathan Williams
Patricia and Bill Jobe
Pamela Johnson
Susan and Luther Johnson
Amy Jones
Gail Kaplan
Tricia and Hal Katz
Jan Keeling
David Kendrick
Lisa Kennedy
Robert Kilgore
Katie Kitchen
JB and Kelly Crews Kolodzey
Jeff and Melissa Kopp
Ann Korioth
Claire Korioth
Cherry Kugle
Ferne and Evan Kyba
Diana Lahm & Denise Hanlon
David and Judith Lambert
Mayor Steve Adler and Diane Land
Doreen Landrum
Steve Lansdowne
James Lawson
LBJ Family Foundation
Monica Levin
Tara Levy
Kimberly Lewis
Cindi Lieblich
Melinda Lipani

Rocky Littlefield
Vida Lloyde
Jennifer Loehlin
Jennifer and Matthew Long
Jeana and Kevin Lungwitz
Mach 1 Group
Shawn Mackoff
Michael Maler
Wendy Malloch
Doris Martin
Stephen Marquez
Nancy Mastronardi
Jason and Linda Mayhew
Charlotte McCann
McCarthy Print
Manuel Martin and Lori McClure
Kelly McDonald and Stuart Simons
McDowell Foundation
Jessica and Steve McMillen
Sue McMillin
Frances McTigrit
Irene Mecchi
Diane Meier
Jami Mendoza
Sherry and Gerald Merfish
Microsoft Corporation
Lauren and Richard Mireles
Suzanne Mitchell
Hayley Mijares
Moody Foundation
Kate and Trenton Moore
Michele Moore
Stephane Moore
Trevor and Courtney Moore
Cathy Morper
Robbie Moskowitz
Neal Moster
Alison Mote
Mary Scott Nabers
Susan Nestegard
Network for Good
Nona Niland
Judi Nudelman
Andie O’Brien
O’Connell Robertson
Teri and Scott O’Glee
John M. O’Quinn Foundation
Lisa Owens
Richard and Adrienne Pappas
Candace and Michael Partridge
Connie and Samuel Pate
Margaret Peloquin
Sarah Phelps
Liz Picone
Donna Pigg
Chris Plonsky
Anne and John Polta
Andrew & Lillian A. Posey Foundation
Ed and Kay Priest
Dan and Jean Rather
William and Susan Reid
Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation
Cecile Richards and Kirk Adams
Tracey Rideout
Marc Rosenthal
Ivri Messinger and Mark Rumple
Erica Saenz
Brenda Salazar
Anna Sanchez
Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund
Adele Scherotter
Donna and Phil Schmidt
Casey Schmit
Tyndal Schreiner
Myra and Irwin Schussler
Claudia Sears
Kathleen Seiders
Carolyn Shelley
Marina Sifuentes
Paul and Nancy Sikorsky
Silicon Labs
Christine Sinatra
Martha E. Smiley
Bea Ann Smith
Molly Smith
Sherry Smith
Stuart and Stephen Smith
Snead Institute Fund
Robert Spellings
Delena Spencer
Janice Jill Stan
Jan Stephens
Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal
Christopher Strand
Lia Stratton
Stuart Streit
Bonnie and Bill Stump
Patricia Sullivan
Shannon Szymczak
Holland Taylor
Margaret Terronez
Texas Democratic Women Of Ellis County
Texas Wall Street Women
Alexis and Toby Thom
Margot and Grant Thomas
Deborah Tilghman
Ray Toburen
Paul Toth
Terry and Sue Tottenham
Kathy Tovo and Tom Hurt
Ryan and Stephanie Turner
Jill Turner
Trenzio Turner
Samantha Miller and Russell Valdez
Kandace Vallejo
Angela Vasquez
Christann Vasquez
Rachael and Ben Vaughan Foundation
Rodney Voegerl
Marissa and Brian Vogel
Teresa Walker
Janet Walkow and Irl Barg
Paula Wardynski
Melissa and Zach Watkins
Ruby Weitzel
Carol Welder
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wells Fargo Foundation
Christine Welty
Deborah West
Jeanne White
Dolores Wilkenfeld
Cynthia Williams
Terry Wilmarth
Jeanne Wilson
Suzanne and Marc Winkelman
Cynthia Womack
Pamela Wood
Kahtleen Woodhead
Samantha Woollard
Suzanne Yashweski
Young Women’s Preparatory Network
Amele Zerouat

*Donor list is updated at the end of each month, last update 3.26.19