How to Apply

Apply online OR mail-in your application.

Online instructions:

Log in to the AISD Parent Cloud.

  1. Search for “AISD Intent to Apply for a Magnet/Application Program” and click on it.
  2. Choose your student and click on the program(s) they will apply for.
  3. Complete the additional steps to finalize the application process.
  4. Hit “Submit” and the following copies will be automatically submitted for you:
      – Student information
      – Grades for the 1st 2 grading periods of the current school year
  5. Click on “Teacher Recommendations” to send the recommendation form directly to your teachers so they can fill it out online.
  6. Reminder: Student needs to send a handwritten letter directly to the school. This is a handwritten letter by the student that describes the student’s academic interests and why the student wants to attend the Ann Richards School.If the student has a hero/heroine, the student can explain how that person has been an inspiration. This letter should be at least 2 pages in length, front side only. Address the letter to Mrs. Kris Waugh, Principal.

Mail-in instructions:

Please use this list to make sure you’ve included all five requirements to complete your application:

  1. Fill out the application form. Your information should be legible and accurate. If you are a current Austin Independent School District (AISD) student, include your AISD student number found on your report card and have a parent or guardian sign this form.
  2. Write a letter of application. This is a handwritten letter, minimum of two-pages (front-side only, please), that should describe your academic interests, and why you want to attend the Ann Richards School. If you have a hero/heroine, you can explain how that person has inspired you. Address the letter to Mrs. Kris Waugh, Principal.
  3. Include your report card. Be sure to turn in your most recent report card with the first semester of grades along with your attendance record. This is the report card you receive at the end of December.
  4. Obtain TWO teacher recommendations. Teacher recommendation forms are included in the application packet. You may turn in these forms, or your teachers may prefer to mail them directly to Mrs. Waugh. We prefer a recommendation form from your English/Lauguage Arts teacher and one from your Math teacher. If you have only one teacher in these areas, please indicate this on the form and ask an elective teacher or a past teacher to complete the form.