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Principal: Lupita Narvaez

Lupita Narvaez was recently the Associate Principal of Lockhart High School in the Lockhart Independent School District. She previously served as the Director of Bilingual & Federal Programs in Georgetown ISD, prior to that she was an Administrative Supervisor of Compliance for the Multilingual Education Team in Austin ISD. Ms. Narvaez earned a Bachelor of Arts at Angelo State University and Masters of Educational Administration from Texas State University. Ms. Narvaez is student-centered and action-oriented. She passionately believes that all students can and will learn. Ms. Narvaez has a proven track record as a relational, servant leader who is collaborative and has an open-door policy. She believes in a team approach to leadership and is a strong proponent of building trust and community by using clear, consistent expectations and communication, as well as through welcoming parents and community to be an integral part of the school.

Academy Director: Christina Almaraz Ortiz

Christina Almaraz Ortiz has spent the last 24 years serving school communities. Born and raised in San Antonio, her educational pathway began with San Antonio ISD, where she served as a math and Spanish teacher. She earned her master’s degree and began her administrative career with Austin ISD. After serving the International High School, the Early College program, and a single-gender environment, she brings in a sense of community, service, and progress. She values education and the many opportunities it provides individuals, families, and communities. Therefore, her values align with the mission of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. She is ready to support our STARS and families through their educational journey. Christina is married to her fun-loving husband and they have one daughter, who currently is working and attending college. They spend quality time with family, friends, and their fur baby, Ripley.

Assistant Principal, 6th & 7th: Shelly Hopson

Shelly Hopson is honored to join the Star family! Ms. Hopson earned her Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Texas State University and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Meredith College (an all women’s school). Ms. Hopson’s teaching career began in Raleigh, NC at Washington GT Magnet Elementary. Her family moved to the Austin area in 2011, providing Ms. Hopson an opportunity to teach, learn, and grow in the International Baccalaureate curriculum in both Leander ISD at Grandview Hills Elementary and Meridian World School in Round Rock, Texas. She was active in leadership roles that promoted student voice and student leadership, inclusivity through equitable practices, and ensuring that every student has access to a quality education. Ms Hopson joins Ann Richards from a middle school in Leander ISD where she recently served as an Assistant Principal, Section 504 and Testing Coordinator. Ms. Hopson is grateful for the opportunity to serve at Ann Richards and strongly believes her entire career in education has been motivated by the goals of supporting and empowering others to be impactful in public education. She is excited to build relationships and partner with Star students and their families. She wants the community to know that she sees her young self in many of the young women that walk the Ann Richards halls. Ms. Hopson is committed to upholding the school’s five tenets, as well as providing a safe and joyful learning environment in which we all can bravely strive and thrive with positivity, respect, integrity, determination and excelling students to be their best self. Ms. Hopson is also a proud member of the esteemed Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. In her free time, Ms. Hopson enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, spending time with family and playing with her two Labrador Retrievers, Sadie and Ivy.

2022-2023 Faculty & Staff Contacts

Aguilar Linda Middle School Band Director, Fine Arts Co-Chair (512) 414-3236
Anderson Mara Parent Support Specialist (512) 414-3236 ext. 43348
Anderson Minda Librarian (512) 414-3236 ext. 10632
Blackburn Donna STEM (512) 414-3236
Boehme Mark STEM/Engineering (512) 414-3236
Brewster James Social Studies (512) 414-3236
Brown Meg Physical Education, Chair (512) 414-3236
Burnell Ava Math (512) 414-3236
Butler Heather Art (512) 414-3236
Cervantes Kassandra Physical Education (512) 414-3236
Christensen Nicole Nurse (512) 414-3236
Coghill Shelby Delta/Yearbook (512) 414-3236
Connell Oren Maker Technology Coach/Engineering (512) 414-3236
Dean Margaret English (512) 414-3236
DiCuffa Jill Director of Programs (512) 414-3236 ext. 53013
Eakin Abby French, LOTE Chair (512) 414-3236
Espinoza Gloria Counselor’s Secretary (512) 414-3236 ext. 53268
Fitzgerald Amanda Science (512) 414-3236
Garcia Lisa Secretary (512) 414-3236 ext. 53015
Heineman Eric College Advisor (512) 414-3236 ext. 53017
Hopson Shelly Assistant Principal: 6th & 7th (512) 414-3236
House Jacob Social Studies (512) 414-3236
Howk Jane 9th-10th Counselor (512) 414-3236 ext. 53020
Hui Christine Math (512) 414-3236
Jackson Jennifer Math, Co-Chair (512) 414-3236
Jang Dongsung Social Studies (512) 414-3236
Jenkins Sierra Physical Education (512) 414-3236
Josephson Ana STEM (512) 414-3236
Kizer Adrienne Science, Co-Chair (512) 414-3236
Langford Andrew Biomedical/Chemistry/Biology, Science Co-Chair (512) 414-3236
Langley Jamie English, ELA Co-Chair (512) 414-3236
Limón Barbara Attendance/Subs/PEIMS (512) 414-3236 ext. 43347
Marino Albert Math, Co-Chair (512) 414-3236
Martínez Rivera Maria Registrar/College Center (512) 414-3236 ext. 53033
Mayo Carey Librarian Assistant (512) 414-3236 ext. 43360
Moede Rachel Dyslexia Interventionist (512) 414-3236
Molina Virginia Head Custodian (512) 414-3236
Narvaez Lupita Principal (512) 414-3236
Neal Kelly English (512) 414-3236
Ortiz Christina Academy Director (512) 414-3236
Paez Danielle Theater (512) 414-3236
Peralta Beatrice Bookkeeper (512) 414-3236
Ramírez Jennifer Special Education/Teacher Assistant (512) 414-3236
Ramírez Juan Social Studies/Economics (512) 414-3236
Roberts Doy Dance, Fine Arts Co-Chair (512) 414-3236 ext. 53040
Robertson Jana Director of Bands (512) 414-3236
Rodriguez Amanda English (512) 414-3236
Roy Sharon STARS Chair (512) 414-3236
Ruiz Juan Carlos Spanish (512) 414-3236
Rutz Christena Lead Counselor – 6th-8th (512) 414-3236 ext. 53043
Salem-Zafiro Regina Spanish (512) 414-3236
Sanchez Victoria Social Studies (512) 414-3236
Sandberg-Thakrar Tami Social Studies (512) 414-3236
Sanders Denise Chemistry/Biomedical (512) 414-3236
Smith Matt Art (512) 414-3236
Soden Roger Media, CTE Chair (512) 414-3236
Stephen Akshata 11th-12th Counselor (512) 414-3236 ext. 57497
Strubhar Dannie Math/Engineering (512) 414-3236
Tijerina Alejandro Orchestra Director (512) 414-3236
Udy Gwyneth Math (512) 414-3236
Vásquez Yvette Director of Choirs (512) 414-3236
Walker Sarah English, ELA Co-Chair (512) 414-3236
Warner Carey STARS (512) 414-3236
Welser Brianne Social Studies, Chair (512) 414-3236
Whiteaker Amy Science (512) 414-3236
Willie Danielle English (512) 414-3236

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