School Leadership & Staff

Our Leadership

Principal: Kristina Waugh

Kristina Waugh served as the Ann Richards School’s Academic Dean for 10 years before being named Principal in the Spring of 2018. Kristina has been instrumental in developing the school’s innovative curriculum and practices, including the three high school STEM pathways and our MakerSpace. With a 30-year career in education, Kristina demonstrates a passion for designing and implementing creative programming, pushing the Ann Richards School to the forefront of STEM education, leadership development and college readiness. Kristina is a repeat presenter at SXSWedu, National Coalition of Girls’ Schools and the National Project Lead the Way conferences. Kristina is married to an educator, has raised an educator and currently teaching her teenage son how to make his bed.

Academic Dean: Anah Sikorsky-Wiersema

Anah Wiersema began her career over 15 years ago as an art teacher at a K – 8 school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Following her time in Milwaukee, she taught bilingual 1st grade at an International School in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. After teaching in Honduras, Anah was an art teacher in Round Rock, Texas, and eventually the curriculum coordinator of the International Baccalaureate program at the school. While teaching in Round Rock, Anah pursued her Masters degree at the University of Texas at Austin in Educational Administration. Her background in Art and curriculum design have made her passionate about the innovative curriculum at the Ann Richards School, especially as we continue to integrate the arts into our STEM work. Anah has presented multiple times at SXSWedu as well as at NCGS (National Coalition for Girls Schools) and the National Project Lead the Way conference. This is her sixth year at Ann Richards and is thrilled to see the students she started with now as Juniors and Seniors that are ready to change the world! Anah is married and is the mom to the cutest, most serious little boy on the planet.

Assistant Principal for High School: Briana Castaño

Briana Castaño began her career in education as a high school science teacher and Varsity cheerleading coach, first at Travis High School and then at the Ann Richards School. She attended Harvard University where she received her bachelors degree in Human Evolutionary Biology. During her time at Harvard, Briana found her passion of empowering women through her membership of two powerful female organizations: The Seneca, Inc. and Latinas Unidas. After her time in Cambridge, Briana moved back to Texas to continue empowering young women through education. While teaching in Austin, she pursued her Masters degree at Concordia University in Educational Administration. Her teaching background in transformative technology and personalized learning has pushed The Ann Richards School to continue being a national leader in effective curriculum. Ms. Castaño lives with her partner (he is also an educator), their sweet daughter, and their German Shepherd. She loves fishing, bumming on the beach, and tacos.

Assistant Principal for Middle School: Isadora Day

Isadora Day may not have started her career as a teacher, but she got to the Ann Richards School as fast as she could. Before she chose to become an educator, she was a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman and the San Antonio Express-News. While at the Express-News, she met Ann Richards and discovered the mission of the Ann Richards School. She was undeniably drawn to Ann, always wanting to keep up with the vision of young women leaders graduating from college. For five years, she was a 4th grade ESL and bilingual teacher and campus leader at Hart Elementary. While teaching, she earned her Master’s Degree in Education Administration and attended the Austin ISD Assistant Principal Pathways Academy. Isadora is thrilled to begin her administration career at one of the best schools in the nation. She has a pug, a dachshund, and a wonderful husband. When she isn’t at school, she is probably kickboxing, camping, cooking, or reading.

2018-2019 Faculty & Staff Contacts
Agrawal Rakhi Math (512) 841-4062
Akins Kendall STEM (512) 841-4056
Anderson Maggie English (512) 841-4065
Anderson Mara Security Guard (512) 414-3272
Bingham Emily Delta/Percussion/PALS (512) 414-3366
Brewer Jennifer English (512) 841-4064
Brown Meg Physical Education, Chair (512) 414-3364
Bryant Amy 11th-12th Counselor (512) 841-4097
Castaño Briana Assistant Principal (512) 414-3236
Castañon-Hernandez Marissa Theatre Arts, Fine Arts Chair (512) 841-4044
Collins Kimberly Math/Engineer (512) 643-2126
Connell Oren Maker Technology Coach (512) 414-3367
Dadmehr Shireen Math/Computer Science/Engineer (512) 841-4092
Day Isadora Assistant Principal (512) 414-3236
Deeter Carolyn Math (512) 841-4057
DiCuffa Jill Director of Programs (512) 414-3340
Dixon Sierra Science (512) 414-4088
Dunavant Haley STEM (512) 414-3368
Eakin Abby French/LOTE Chair (512) 841-4073
Elizondo Amanda Assistant Band Director (512) 414-3366
Enyioha Jessica College Advisor (512) 841-4041
Garcia Lisa Secretary (512) 414-0422
Guzman Agustin Head Custodian (512) 414-3236
Hadzovic Elvir Cafeteria Mgr. (512) 841-4099
Hatch Mike English (512) 841-4065
Heineman Eric College Advisor (512) 841-7461
House Jacob Social Studies (512) 841-4072
Howard Stephen Band Director (512) 841-4045
Howk Jane 8th-10th Counselor (512) 841-7464
Ingham Debika Math/STEM (512) 841-4036
Jenkins Sierra Physical Education (512) 414-3353
Kizer Adrienne Science, Chair (512) 841-4055
Knox Anni English (512) 841-4033
Lakshmanan Shamaa Math/Engineer, Chair (512) 841-4043
Langford Andrew Biomedical/Biology, Chair (512) 841-4046
Langley Jamie English, Chair (512) 841-4068
Limón Barbara Attendance/Subs/PEIMS (512) 414-3347
Loera Julie Bookkeeper (512) 414-3389
Lucero Joanna Science (512) 414-3846
Mackoff Caryn Social Studies (512) 841-4069
Mahoney Rachel Athletic Trainer (512) 414-3365
Marino Albert Math (512) 841-4077
Martínez Diana Art/7th Grade STARS (512) 841-4031
Martínez Rivera Maria Registrar (512) 414-3358
Mauser Shawn Librarian (512) 414-3362
Mayo Carey Librarian Assistant (512) 414-3360
Miesner Ella Science/Biomedical (512) 841-4052
Molina Virginia Custodial Crew Leader (512) 414-3236
Neal Kelly English (512) 841-4070
Nenque Diana Parent Support Specialist (512) 414-3348
Parnell Savannah CIS Program Manager (512) 841-4083
Poage-Nixon Nancy Science (512) 841-4053
Puckett Devi Social Studies, Chair (512) 841-4067
Ramirez Juan Social Studies (512) 841-4066
Roberts Doy STARS/Dance (512) 841-4079
Roy Sharon STARS, Chair (512) 841-4058
Ruiz Juan Spanish (512) 841-4057
Rutz Christena Lead Counselor – 6th & 7th (512) 414-3357
Sandberg-Thakrar Tami Social Studies (512) 841-4067
Sanders Denise Chemistry/Biomedical (512) 841-4049
Schnautz Liz Spanish (512) 841-4060
Schweke Brooke Spanish (512) 841-4061
Smith Matt Art/Engineer (512) 841-4032
Soden Roger Media, Chair (512) 414-3849
Tai Ming Girls Club Director (512) 983-8604
Thiel Jackie Physical Education (512) 414-3353
Tijerina Alejandro Orchestra Director (512) 414-6670
Vargas Alejandra STEM (512) 414-4034
Vásquez Yvette Choir/Piano (512) 841-4051
Verret Kelly Nurse (512) 414-3369
Walker Sarah English/Journalism (512) 841-4073
Ward Travis Special Education/504/ESL (512) 414-3236
Warner Carey STARS (512) 841-4054
Waugh Kristina Principal (512) 414-3236
Welser Brianne Social Studies (512) 414-6679
Wiersma Anah Sikorsky Academic Dean (512) 414-3236
Willie Danielle English (512) 841-4071

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