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College Advising Program

The goal of the College Advising Program is for 100% of Ann Richards School (ARS) students to attend and graduate from college. Our College Advisor, Eric Heineman, and school’s Associate Director of College Success Programs, Jessica Enyioha, guide and personalize each student’s college search to help the student and her family navigate the path to college admission. They also help with scholarship and financial aid assistance for seniors and their families. STARS teacher Jill DiCuffa coordinates all alumnae outreach and activities.

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College Bound Program

ARS has a strong College Bound program that is fully integrated into our academic and enrichment programming. Every student knows that the expectation is that they will apply to, be accepted, and complete college.

The College Bound Program is supported by:

  • A challenging and engaging curriculum that includes Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP) and Advanced Placement (AP) coursework
  • Workshops and advising sessions to facilitate student access and awareness of college activities
  • Activities to introduce students to career options and exploration
  • Exposure to institutions of higher education
  • Preparation for the college application process and corresponding standardized test taking requirements
  • Engaging strong parental involvement and support for participating students
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive alumnae support program for students

College Fairs

Each year ARS hosts over 30 college and university representatives for all sophomores, juniors, and seniors to meet with in late September. Over half of the representatives are from in-state colleges and universities. In addition ARS hosts over 90 college and university representatives throughout the year.

College Visits

Beginning in 6th grade, ARS students visit a college or university campus to gain exposure to higher education. 6th and 7th grade students spend a day touring a local university campus. 8th grade through 11th grade students have an overnight trip to tour a regional or out-of-state university. On average, our students visit 15 colleges or universities by the time they graduate from ARS.

College Advisor

Eric Heineman is the College Advisor at ARS. In establishing the College Bound program he provides college guidance and application support services for more than 750 girls in grades 6 – 12. Over 60% of the school’s population are the first in their families to attend college. In the school’s first two years of graduates, 100% have enrolled in college, and are funded by over $8 million in scholarships.

Previously, Eric spent 18 years in the admissions office at Rice University (1989-2007), serving ultimately as Director of Recruitment. He worked in all aspects of undergraduate recruitment and selection, with experience in student life (Resident Associate, Lovett College 1993-2003), NCAA athletics liaison (2003-2007), and has significant experience in financial aid, scholarships, and application processing.

From 2008-2011, Eric worked as an independent college planning consultant in Austin.

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