Roadtrip Nation Previews Changemakers Documentary with 10th-Grade Stars

The Roadies from the documentary crew Roadtrip Nation held a career exploration event for our 10th-grade Stars. The event previewed their PBS documentary film Changemakers, which features interviews with people across the country about the innovative ways to make an impact in their community. The documentary follows three young adults searching for career options with a social impact through profile interviews with inspiring professionals that make change part of their job.

The event also featured self-construction exercises for our Stars that showcased the process of LET GO, DEFINE, and BECOME. LET GO of the noise around you, DEFINE what matters to you, and BECOME who you want to be. These personalized activities allowed our Stars to feel seen and heard with career exploration.

The Roadtrip Nation Roadie crew also opened up their bright green RV that was parked on the Ann Richards School campus for group tours with the Stars. The RV was stopped in Austin for SXSWedu before heading up to South Carolina for an event tour.

Part of the SXSWedu experience with Roadtrip Nation involved working with a group of our Stars that attended SXSWedu thanks to a grant from the Allstate Foundation. The Allstate Foundation funds Roadtrip Nation and wanted to connect our students and the school’s mission with the program and mission that Roadtrip Nation features.

During SXSWedu, our Stars were SXSWedu Roadies for the day and interviewed speakers at SXSWedu about their careers and passions. The Roadtrip Nation crew worked with our Stars during SXSWedu to create a short film that shared highlights from the interviews and debuted the video at the Changemakers event at the Ann Richards School.

The Allstate Foundation has been a tremendous supporter of the Ann Richards School Foundation this year to support the curriculum development and innovative educational experiences that make the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders so unique for the Stars.