Read-In Celebrates Magical Ninja Librarian

On May 19 at 10:15 a.m. Ann Richards School students and faculty quietly gathered together in the commons area of the school just outside the library to silently celebrate the retirement of the much-beloved Magical Ninja Librarian, Shawn Mauser, with a Read-In for 32 minutes to honor the number of years Mauser has been an educator. Since the very beginning, Ms. Mauser has been part of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders with 15 years of empowering Stars from all over Austin to read, explore, create, develop new skills, and achieve their dreams. The Ann Richards School Library is the heart and soul of the community with students from all grade levels coming together to use the library. Mauser shared, “being at the Ann Richards School for the last fifteen years has pretty much been a highlight of my life. I’m excited because the teachers and kids amaze me. The absolute best part is seeing the 6th graders grow up and by the time they’re seniors be able to address 900 people at assembly with confidence.” Happy retirement to Ms. Mauser!

Read-In Photos

Magical Ninja Librarian, Shawn Mauser