Ms. Abby Eakin Named ARS Teacher of the Year

The 2020-2021 school year Teacher of the Year for the Ann Richards School is Ms. Abby Eakin. Ms. Eakin is in her 6th year at the Ann Richards School and teaches AP French, runs the PALS program (Peer Assistance Leadership and Service), and coaches cross country and middle school track.

We caught up with Ms. Eakin to ask about being named the Ann Richards School’s Teacher of the Year by her peers, virtual learning, the school, and teaching the Stars.

Q: What was it like to learn about receiving the Teacher of the Year award from your peers?

A: The faculty here are all changemakers. To receive a nomination alongside them and win is such an honor in my career. I would not be half the teacher I would be today without learning from all these amazing individuals I get to work with every day.

Q: How have you and the students responded to virtual learning this year?

A: The biggest lesson from virtual learning, we’ve all given each other a lot of grace, we’re all doing the best we can, we’re all managing this together, and thankfully we have a medium that allows us all a way to connect.

Q: What makes the Ann Richards School special?

A: It’s such a transformational learning environment. It feels like we’re working in a space that is changing for good. Being around that kind of energy and around the kind people that build up those skills in our students, there’s nothing like it.

Q: What is the best thing about Ann Richards School students?

A: Our students have active roles to be changemakers today in their community. They think so creatively about what they’re studying and can apply their learning to different scenarios. They advocate for themselves and ask questions.