Light Bulb Moments Help Build Coding Skills

At the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Mr. McBride’s 6th grade STEM class is learning to code HTML and CSS through the computer science program offered by Hello World programming.

Thanks to a generous grant from All Points North Foundation, middle school students at the Ann Richards School work on their coding skills through creating projects with different coding languages.

Megan Ramon, Operations Manager at Hello World, is working with Mr. McBride’s 6th grade STEM class and helping students find those “Light Bulb Moments” while working through a project.

Ramon shared, “students are working on their 3rd project, which involves combining what they’ve learned with HTML and CSS ¬– including how to embed videos and pictures to a site they created with their team.” Adding, “the project is testing their debugging skills and how-to knowledge for opening and closing tags in coding.”

Coding is a challenging endeavor, but the best part about teaching students how to code according to Ramon is when, “a student is stuck, and something is not working for them, they raise their hand, you walk up, and they say, never mind, I figured it out – the Light Bulb Moments are very rewarding.”

Ann Richards School students are gaining valuable experience while learning to code, and All Points North Foundation wants to provide these innovative opportunities through their grant funding.

The grant from All Points North Foundation allows The Ann Richards School Foundation to fund the partnership with Hello World and the Ann Richards School to support innovative middle school curriculum.