7th Grade Star Applies STEM Skills to Help Local Essential Businesses

It all started with Ms. Josephson’s STEM class project that involved all the 7th grade Stars learning how to sew this semester leading up to Spring Break. The COVID-19 outbreak offered a new lesson for STEM class during remote learning, create a DIY, non-sew mask. But 7th grader Emma T. decided to apply her sewing skills with a sewing machine at home to help the community. She started making masks to sell, and with each one purchased, she would make another to donate.

Emma’s story was picked up by local radio station 96.7 KISS FM. You can hear the segment below. Emma recently donated 20 masks to Peoples Rx and expanded her skills with a “duckbill” pattern that mimics the style of a hospital mask.

Emma with her DIY mask

Emma’s 1st batch of masks