Shawn Mauser | Librarian | Ann Richards School

Q: What has it been like to be at the Ann Richards School since the very beginning?

A: Being at the Ann Richards School for the last ten years has pretty much been a highlight of my life. I’m excited because the teachers and kids amaze me. The absolute best part is seeing the 6th graders grow up and by the time they’re seniors be able to address 900 people at assembly with confidence.

Q: What kind of place do you want the Ann Richards School library to be for students and teachers?

A: I want to make sure the library gives students and teachers the tools that they need to achieve their dreams, to create, make, explore their own talents and develop new skills. That means being flexible and to find new ways to innovate with new activities and ways to use the library. I want our library to be a true 21st century space that meets the need at the point of need.


Q: Why do Ann Richards School students love to read?

A: I think we’re a perfect storm as a school for literacy. Our English department is amazing, they value and model reading. We have an administration who supports, values and invests in the library. Kids who come in who aren’t readers, we all come with the same message, read what you like.


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