Youth and Government State Conference Highlights

Fifty Ann Richards School students attended the 71st Annual Youth and Government State Conference held in Austin from January 25-28, 2018. The conference activities took place at the Renaissance Arboretum Hotel and all around the Capitol Complex. We had delegates in State Affairs, Legislative, Judicial, and Media sections of the competition.

Ann Richards School State Officers running the conference were:
Maddy Schell – Social Media Editor-in-Chief
Willow Dalehite – Print Editor-in-Chief

Ann Richards School Awards and Recognitions:
Social Media Distinguished Delegates: Becca Alonso, Zaira Ruelas
House Bill signed into law by the Youth Governor (only one of entire competition): Marlene Mora
Outstanding Club Delegate: Marlene Mora
Premier Delegation: Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders


FF to 13:40 for Alysha’s speech