Middle School Stars Learn to Code

Ms. Josephson’s 8th grade STEM class kicked off the computer science module for the fall semester with Hello World programming. Hello World offers web development and virtual reality programs that are taught to all middle schoolers from 6th through 8th grade. Students learn coding languages like HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, and Python.

The Ann Richards School can provide Hello World programming this year thanks to a grant from All Points North Foundation and a partnership with the Ann Richards School Foundation. Hello World has provided Ann Richards School students with a rigorous program that is industry-relevant, combining computer science and liberal arts since the Fall of 2018.

The grant from All Points North Foundation will help empower more girls towards the field of computer science.

Ms. Josephson’s 8th grade STEM class is currently working on data science and artificial intelligence through coding with Python. Students are collecting data from a user to create a storyline similar to the game Mad Libs. The goal of the program by the end is to learn user behavior and predict interests and point the user towards suggested selections in the program.