New Building

2017 Bond

On Nov. 7, 2017, a majority, 72 percent, of Austin voters passed Austin Independent School District’s bond proposal for $1,050,984,000 to create 21st-century learning spaces for all students. More than two years of intensive analysis, planning, and work went into the bond, which is designed to replace, improve, renovate, and equip facilities for approximately 80,100 students and 12,000 employees. Every school in Austin ISD benefitted from the 2017 Bond.

New Building Highlights

The new building emphasizes the mission statement of the school to help students attend and graduate from college.

  1. More students (~1,050, or 150 per grade level) will be able to attend Ann Richards, allowing for more first-generation students from all over Austin to graduate from college.
  2. Innovative educational environment to achieve 21st-century learning:
      – Adjustable size rooms
      – Outdoor learning areas
      – Multiple MakerSpaces
      – Bright and open collaborative areas for project-based learning
      – Scholastic atmosphere that reflects a college environment
      – More spaces to facilitate community engagement
  3. Provides faculty a space to create partnerships to innovate, collaborate, and showcase their curriculum to be the flagship school of the community, region, state, and country.

Support the Stars

Ensure the success of the Ann Richards School in the new building and beyond by supporting academic programs. Recognition opportunities are available to donors committing to three years of programmatic support.

More about how to support programming in the new building