Shahar P. | 12th Grade | Engineering Pathway

Shahar Pedahzur (3)
Q: How did you spend your summer?

A: I spent 7 weeks working at UT’s J.J. Pickle Research Campus. I’ve always been curious about engineering and what it really means to be an engineer, so I found this to be a great opportunity to see the research side. I spent my summer there so I could learn what I could do with an engineering degree.

Q: Which extra-curricular activities do you most enjoy?

A: I’m a member of Youth & Government and I enjoy it because I have always been interested in law. When I was very young I always wanted things to be fair, and when people would tell me, “Well, life’s not fair,” I would say that shouldn’t be how it is. There are definitely things that need to be changed, so having a voice and being able to use it in Youth & Government has been eye opening and I’m really grateful for that.

Shahar Pedahzur (1)

Shahar Pedahzur (4)
Q: What is the best thing about the Ann Richards School?

A: The best thing about the Ann Richards School is the close-knit community. I have never been so close to my teachers and I feel like I can ask them for anything. I have no problem going in at 8:00 in the morning, barging in and asking questions about homework or what I should be studying for. I definitely don’t think that’s something you get at any other school, and I’m really glad I came here just for that.

Shahar Pedahzur (7)

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