Roxana M. | 6th Grade | STEM

Q: What do you like about the Ann Richards School?

A: It gives me a great opportunity to go to college and make good decisions in my life to find a pathway to reach my goals.

Q: Has the coursework been difficult for you this fall?

A: At first it was, but then I kept studying to make it feel like less work. I tell my friends it’s not a lot of work if you just study and try to make time for the work.


Q: How you’ve helped your younger sister and students at your neighborhood school, Pickle Elementary?

A: They teach my sister bilingual classes, but sometimes she needs help and so we’ll play a game where I’m the teacher and she is the student. She’ll take out her journal and write words that I’ll help her translate. The teachers are all really proud of her. I’ll help the Pickle students with their English class too and they’ve learned a lot.


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