Lily Y. | 11th Grade | Biomedical Pathway

Lily (3)
Q: How did you spend your summer?

A: This summer I went to the Dell Medical School’s Health Sciences Summer Camp and everyday they taught us about different careers in the health sciences. For each career we got to participate in an activity and meet with professionals. For example we got to isolate bacteria with the antibiotics group, go to a cadaver lab where I was able to feel someone’s spleen, see a dissection of a spinal cord, view a heart and a lung. I learned a lot!

Q: What do you like about the Biomedical Pathway?

A: I feel like the things that I am learning are really going to apply to what I want to be when I grow up. I feel prepared and when I tell my mom what I am learning she says she did not learn that until college.

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Q: How does sisterhood help you in the classroom?

A: Working in projects you can definitely feel the sisterhood. I feel like I can ask anyone in any of my classes for help and they always help. I always help others too because we are definitely all in this together.

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