Kerrisa L. | 9th Grade | Biomedical Pathway

Q: How did you get interested in golf?

A: My dad plays golf so he was the one that got me interested. He would go to the golf course and I would follow him around and play with his clubs.

Q: What course do you play at the most?

A: I started at Harvey Penick and now I live by Riverside Golf Course so I am there all the time.

Q: What lessons has golf taught you that you take off the golf course and apply in the classroom?

A: At Harvey Penick a few of their nine core values are respect and honesty. I feel like those are two things you can take off the golf course and into school.

Q: What is your routine before playing a round of golf at a tournament?

A: When I play in a tournament, I talk to the other girls around me, I’m very friendly, it’s good to get to know them. You also have to stay serious, not play around too much because you have to make sure you’re playing how you should play.

Q: Do you want to play golf in college?

A: My dream since I was really little has been to go to UT and be on the golf team. I’ve met the coaches and played with them just to get myself out there. It’s difficult, the girls on the UT Golf team are really good. My goal this year, I just broke 80 a couple of weeks ago, is to break 70 and get in the low 70s.

Q: What do you like about the Ann Richards School?

A: I like that everybody is really close, I have friends from everywhere. When I was in 4th grade my mom told me I was going to go to Ann Richards and I thought no, I’m not going to wear a plaid skirt. Now, that’s all I wear. I love coming here, I’m glad I came.

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