Jurnee J. | 11th Grade | Media Technology Pathway

Q: What is the “My Legacy” wall?

A: “My Legacy” wall is a service project that I created along with the Service Ambassadors. We connect our school with service opportunities. I wanted to do something art related, interactive and social media based after noticing that our school did not have a lot of murals.

Q: What inspired you to create the “My Legacy” wall?

A: One winter break I went to New Orleans and I saw the “Before I die” wall, which is a chalkboard wall where people can fill it in with whatever they want to say in the blank space. That wall is the inspiration behind my piece because I wanted to create something that means something to Ann Richards girls.

Q: How did you make the “My Legacy” wall and what does it mean to you?

A: I went after-school to the MakerSpace and constructed it with Mr. Oren. It was cool, I learned how to use the different hand saws and drills.

Once I finish it I want to put my legacy on there in paint so it is there forever so everyone knows my legacy. I feel like I want to leave an imprint on this school, whether it is making a mural, creating a new organization or everyone knows me from just being myself.

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