Elena G. | 12th Grade | Biomedical Pathway

Q: How has your experience been with applying to colleges?

A: Applying to colleges has been something I’ve watched upperclassmen do for years now. I was really excited to start, but it’s the submit part I’m having trouble with currently. I’ve got a whole bunch that I need to submit.

Q: Where do you want to go to college?

A: I really want to go out-of-state because I want to go into the medical field with cancer research so I feel like I’ll be in Houston after college. I want to get experience living outside of Texas first.

Q: How has the application process been working with your family?

A: College has always been something I was expected to do. I’m a second generation U.S. born, and all my great-uncles, grandparents and my mom all went to college so I’ve been very supported through this process. My mom has been very supportive and said that if I want to go out-of-state I can do it, but I need to apply for a lot of scholarships so we can pay for it.


Q: What has the Ann Richards School done for you as far as moving on to college?

A: I feel like it starts all the way in 6th grade on the very first day I came here. In elementary I was really shy and never talked. Coming here there was no one I could hide behind because I would get asked for my opinion. That has shown up again in the college application process because I have to ask schools that I visit questions that I have on my mind so that I find the right school. I’m more comfortable asking for what I want.


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