Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

Visit the PTSA Website at for more information about our PTSA and activities. The website is being restarted, thank you for your patience as we work to update the information.

2013 – 2014 ARS PTSA Executive Board

PresidentSuzy Searcy
Vice President Special EventsRosanne Brazeal
Vice President CommitteesMelissa Saucedo
Vice President Recruiting and MembershipLori McClure
TreasurerCharlie Foreman
SecretaryShawn Mauser
ParliamentarianLaura Sherman
HistorianSarah Jeansonne

    Join us for the PTSA meetings, which include these topics and programs, from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays in the cafeteria on the following days:

October 8, 2013 - “All About Social/School Media” and an Orchestra Performance
January 14, 2014 - “All About College” and a Choir Performance
February 11, 2014 - “All About Summer Camps” and a Marching Band Performance
April 8, 2014 - “All About Athletics” and a Special Guest Speaker
May 13, 2014 - “It’s a Wrap” with a Theater Performance and Hors d’oeuvres

For more information please contact Suzy Searcy, PTSA President, at or call 512-794-1968

    Support your students by contributing to the PTSA membership and fundraiser. There is a onetime annual PTSA fee that funds many school events and programs. Otherwise payment is required, where applicable, for each event, field trip, etc.

The enrichment fee of $60.00 covers:

  • Student agendas
  • ID badge holders and lanyards
  • Classroom books
  • Library and physical education needs
  • Teacher supplies
  • Family support
  • Courtyard support
  • Graduation gifts
  • Faculty appreciation meals

In addition, the PTSA supports the following school-wide events:

  • Homecoming Tailgate Party and Dance
  • Tamalada
  • Valentines Dance
  • EnviroFair
  • Cotillion
  • Senior Prom
  • Spring Move-A-Thon
  • ESL Classes for Parents
  • Fun Fest

For more information please contact Diana Nenque, ARS Parent Support Specialist, at or call 512-414-3355

Interested in VOLUNTEERING with the PTSA? Small and large jobs are available to fit your needs. Examples of volunteer opportunities:

  • Hospitality Committee (assist with faculty lunches/dinners in December, May, and June)
  • Used Clothing Committee (Rebecca Curry is the lead person and needs helpers to sell clothing during the year)
  • Spirit Shirt Sales (Sell new official ARS spirit shirts during the year)
  • Spirit Items Student Sales (Collect and keep track of spirit items students sell in the Spring)

For more information please contact Melissa Saucedo, PTSA VP of Committees, at or call 512-731-5169

Campus Advisory Council

Campus Advisory Councils (CAC) are committees of parents, students, business and community representatives, teachers, principals, and other campus staff. The formation of CACs is required by state law (Texas Education Code, §11.251).  Specific functions of CACs include providing review and comment on:
  • Campus Educational Program
  • Campus Performance
  • Campus Improvement Plan
  • Campus Staff Development Plan
  • Campus-Level Waiver Requests to the State
  • Campus Budget
The mission of CACs is to promote excellence in education for all students through broad-based representation. CACs provide valuable input to principals, who ultimately have decision-making responsibility for their campuses.
If you have any questions for our CAC, please contact us at 512 414-3236.
For more information about campus CACs, please visit the school district's CAC website.

2013-2014 School Year Members:

Parent    Suzy Searcy  (Hanna 12th)
Parent    Sonya Banda   (Gabby 12h)
Parent    Rosanne Moreno (Karalynne 6th; Raven 12th)
Parent    Robert Jackson  (Bonnie 7th)
Parent    Liz Ownby  (Laura 6th)
Parent    Maribel Garcia  (Ingrid 6th)
Parent    Andrea Vega  (Shilah Chhadua 9th)
Parent    Jesse Medeiros  (Sara 6th)
Parent    Marissaa Barakat  (Sara 6th)
Parent    Allison Nagel  (Sophia 11th)
Parent    Pete Pascone     (Leia  6th)
Parent    Janine Ploetz   (Janaina 11th)
Professional Staff Member    Shawn Mauser
Professional Staff Member    Eric Heineman
Professional Staff Member    Amanda Longtain
Professional Staff Member    Jamie Langley
Professional Staff Member    Dominic Henderson
Professional Staff Member    Katherine Sauter
Professional Staff Member    Brendon Kepner
Professional Staff Member    Texanna Turner
Classified Staff Member    Diana Nenque
Student (If Applicable)    Guiny Thomas, Student Council President
Student (If Applicable)    Student Council Vice-President
Business Representative    Jeanne White
Community Representative    Nicola Trevis