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Welcome to the Ann Richards School Community. Your involvement is critical to your daughter’s success. Here are ways for you to stay informed:

  1. Click here for instructions to join the Email Group to stay informed about school events, activities and needs. This group is hosted by and is called annrichardsschool. If you have questions, email
  2. Click on the PTSA link on the left to learn more about our Parent Teacher Student Association and school activities. Visit the ARS PTSA Website to learn how parents can support our school (under construction).
  3. Go to the Ann Richards Stars site to access Gradespeed, the school's Master Calendar, the homework calendar, and other valuable links. In addition to your use of this site, every Ann Richards Student has an annrichardsstars account.
  4. Visit the Faculty & Staff page for all contacts.

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Mike Guerrero | November 10, 2014