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Star Student: Grace, The Wrestler

Reshma Solanki | May 10, 2012

We want our girls to be risk-takers in a positive way and then to tackle it with passion and perseverance. Meet Grace in the seventh grade with excellent grades, who plays in the orchestra, and is a wrestler, having recently placed 5th at the Oklahoma Nationals Wrestling Tournament at Oklahoma City University!  Starting wrestling at 8 years old, Grace is the first girl ever to join the Bailey Wrestling Club and has placed in almost every competitive tournament. Although more girls have entered this field of athleticism, Grace mostly competes against boys. She wrestles in 2 categories:  folkstyle (collegiate) and freestyle (olympic). 

Having received a summer camp scholarship from the Ann Richards Foundation, Grace will attend the Oklahoma University camp as part of her brothers' high school team. Since most states only host coed wrestling at the high school level, this camp will push Grace to her limits to see what she needs to do to become a collegiate wrestler. She will attend 3 training sessions (approx. 5 hours) per day for 4 days and compete in a tournament on the fifth day. 

Grace says: "I hope to gain the knowledge & experience that will eventually help me to earn a full scholarship to the college of my choice and maybe even a chance to compete in the Olympics someday. I know it will take more than one camp to get me where I want to be, but this is a big step in that direction and I'm really happy that I was chosen for a camp scholarship."

Wrestling is an amazing character and confidence building sport that is too often overlooked by females. In true Ann Richards style, Grace organized some clinics at school to get her ARS sisters involved in wrestling.  Who knows......we might eventually have an Ann Richards wrestling team with Grace at the helm!


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