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Middle School Students Participate in Mock Trial

Monica Martinez | July 26, 2012

On May 18th, thirty sixth and seventh grade girls from Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders participated in a dating violence mock trial presided over by Judge Orlinda Naranjo, 419th District Court.  The girls participated as jurors, assistant prosecutors, and co-defense counsel during the trial on teen dating violence.  After the trial, Judge Naranjo led the girls in a discussion about dating violence including the evidence presented during the trial.  They discussed the importance of recognizing teen dating violence, the misconceptions that family/dating violence requires severe physical contact, how to prevent abuse, and what to do if a friend or relative was being abused.  In addition to the benefits of discussing this topic, the girls were also exposed to a trial conducted by experienced professionals.  Before returning to school, the girls had lunch at Wooldridge Park and were given a presentation from Sheriff Greg Hamilton’s Community Relations and Outreach Departments regarding teen dating violence, including a tour of the Teen Dating Violence Awareness vehicle.  Each student was also presented with a certificate of appreciation.

A special thanks goes to all of the volunteers and sponsors who made the event a success including the law firm of Ewbank and Harris, P.C., Papa Johns on MLK, Sheriff Greg Hamilton and his Community Relations and Outreach Departments, and Judge Orlinda Naranjo for providing our students with this opportunity to be exposed to wonderful role models while having a positive learning experience about our legal system and a meaningful discussion of a very pertinent social issue.


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