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Congratulations Jerusalen G. and Chloe C., Photo of the Week and Poetry Contest Winners!

Sarah Walker | October 21, 2012

Congratulations to Jerusalen G., poetry contest winner, and Chloe C., photo of the week winner! The Ann Richards literary magazine and yearbook are excited to feature this work. Check it out below!

Photo of the Week
Class of 2013
Jerusalen G.

From many different places we share a common dream--
To reach our destinies and in life to succeed.
Every day a new challenge, every year a new start,
The memories and friends, I’ll hold them in my heart.

Through  the good and the bad, we’ve stayed until the end
As one door closes, another one opens.
The end of a chapter means the start of a new page.
Everything that we’ve learned, we will take away.

The memories shared, keep them like the teddy bears from when we were small.
I’m glad that we have made it through it all.

When June arrives, it will be the end of our time, but
The blue, black, and white will always be in our minds.
We’ll embark on a journey none of us has gone on before.

Where will we go in time?
No one knows what the future’s going to hold.
Engineers, producers, doctors and everything in between,
At the end of the day, we will always be seen

As we prepare to say “See you later” and not “Goodbye,”
Leaving the classrooms and halls,
We will always be STARS
Big and bright.

These last 4 years have made me glad to know y’all
I’ll miss you but we’ll meet again someday.
Apart or together,

We’re ready
To take on the world and show...

The Class of 2013 is something they’ve never seen before.




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