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Ann Richards School Leadership Summit

Monica Martinez | April 24, 2012


On March 30thPursuit of Dreams and the University of Texas—Jody Conradt Opportunity Initiative hosted the first annual Leadership Summit at the Ann Richards School. The event brought in some phenomenal women to speak on two separate panels to our high school sophomores and juniors. Special guests Keisha Knight Pulliam and Judy Maggio moderated the panels, and panelists included big names such as Michelle Williams, Vivian Scott Chew, Malinda Williams, Melinda Garvey, Karen Taylor Bass, Lisa Copeland, Twyla Garrett, Sonja Norwood, Sharon Heyward, Andrea McWilliams…and these are just to name a few! ARS is proud to have had these great women on campus to speak with our students about the importance of resiliency and cultivating a strong belief in yourself. 

Many thanks to Jody Conradt and Beverly Kearney, without whom this event would not have been possible. 

We look forward to next year’s Leadership Summit!



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