Thank you for your interest in the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. We are thrilled you are considering being a part of a talented class of exceptional girls. By exceptional, we mean girls with academic and career goals, girls who want to learn and explore new ideas, girls with the desire to attend college, girls who see education as their means to success, and girls who want to make a positive difference in our world.

You don't have to be a straight-A honor student to apply, but you do have to be a student who enjoys learning, has the desire to succeed, wants to go to college, and cares about the future of our world. Your hand-written letter, first-semester report card with attendance and tardy report, last year's STAAR scores, and teacher recommendations have equal value in the scoring of your application. So, even if you don't have the best grades or the highest test scores, you can still qualify by doing well in the other areas.

Our admissions process is competitive. All qualified applicants are placed in a random lottery. The lottery selects students to fill the limited number of available spots in our incoming class. Each year, 75% of our students must come from schools where the majority of students are from economically-disadvantaged families. To attend our school, you must live within the AISD boundaries.

Please visit our Application Instructions page to read about and download the application.

All applications must be submitted or postmarked by February 6, 2015 to:

Jeanne Goka

2206 Prather Lane

Austin, TX 78704