Wellness Program

Students in ARS Gym

All of us involved with the Ann Richards School pride ourselves on a commitment to the whole person. Our philosophy is that successful students and leaders need to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  Our wellness program provides our students with the knowledge and tools to make healthy choices in a supportive environment.

  • Fitness: Our students participate in physical education and competitive athletics programs year-round. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff practice yoga and attend Friday Fitness weekly and participate in a spring fitness challenge and community fitness events.
  • Nutrition: In addition to learning about nutrition, students at the Ann Richards School are offered healthy food choices through the school food program. No sodas are allowed on campus and we have removed chocolate milk from our cafeteria menu due to the sugar content.
  • STARS: Each year, students complete the STARS course. STARS stands for Success Through Academics, Responsibility and Service and covers topics such as health, body image, service learning and financial literacy.

Ann Richards was a fitness advocate who felt strongly that good health and exercise were important to success. After she was diagnosed with osteoporosis, Ann traveled the country speaking to women about taking better care of themselves and wrote a book promoting women's health. Governor Richards felt it was never too late to start a fitness program and began a weekly weightlifting program at age 65.  She believed that healthy habits are essential for a young woman’s success.

The Ann Richards School is a CATCH School!

CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child Health) is a TEA approved Coordinated School Health Program designed to promote physical activity, healthy food choices, and prevent tobacco use. Teaching students that eating nutritious foods and being physically active every day can promote behavior change that carry into adulthood.

CATCH is a resource or tool that builds an alliance of parents, teachers, child nutrition personnel, school staff, and community partners to teach children and their families how to be healthy for a lifetime. The four CATCH components - Go For Health Classroom Curriculum, CATCH Physical Education, Eat Smart School Nutrition Guide, and family Home Team activities - reinforce positive healthy behaviors throughout a child's day and make it clear that good health and learning go hand-in-hand.